In our production and laundry facility in Istanbul Günesli with 34.000 m2 and our production facility in Malatya with 10.000 m2 we produce more than 6 million denim annually with modern technologies, excellent quality control and environmental awareness.

From next year, the production facility in Çerkezköy, which is currently under construction, will also be added. It will have its own water treatment plant, in addition to the latest standards already in use, which will enable us to work with Zero Liquid Discharge certification. In this way with the launch of our new factory, we aim to increase our production capacity and reduce our carbon footprint.

Now, let's take a closer look at the Merkoteks production facilities, which host the productions of world brands.


Our design department closely follows world trends and prepares several collections that meet the expectations and seasonal concepts of our customers. Furthermore, our sample department provides our customers with a predictive, efficient, and fast service with its state-of-the-art CAD-CAM systems, strong machinery, and professional staff.


Our sourcing of raw materials and accessories follows strict social, environmental, health, and safety standards.

We only work with suppliers who can guarantee these standards and we are constantly looking for the most environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to source these.


Our cutting department performs cutting with equipment which is compatible with CAD system, with adjustable ramp, and can make precise cuts, with computer aided optimization system.


Our embroidery department provides a significant acceleration to both our collections and our manufacturing processes thanks to its equipment and hardware that can carry out multiple operations simultaneously.


Our sewing department, with the latest technology equipment supporting every type of sewing and operation type, and expert sewing staff, can perform even the most demanding workmanship with fast production and zero error.


Our laundry is specialized in working out fashion solutions for denim. The washing processes are carried out with modern and environmentally friendly technologies to achieve high-quality results while working as sustainably as possible.

Our customers can choose from a wide range of treatments, such as laser and ozone bleaching, as well as eco-stone, no-stoıne and enzyme washes.

Quality Control

We operate with a 100% inspection model in our raw material testing as well as quality control and always strive to improve the precision and efficiency of our processes according to customer requirements and to meet the high health, safety, and sustainability regulations in the industry.


We always promote the use of more sustainable materials and work together with our customers to standardize packaging. Furthermore, we try to reuse cardboard boxes in our shipments whenever possible to properly recycle them afterward.