Our washing company established in 1968 in line with the needs of the textile industry continues its activities in ready-made clothing and apparel since 1998, in the light of 30 years of washing experience. As Merkoteks Textile, we are placed within Turkey’s outstanding textile manufacturers with innovative, sustainable and quality production understanding that we adopted.

With the quality control systems and professional process management we have developed by catching up to the world-class production quality, we provide service to the world-famous brands in our 34.000 m2 production facility in Istanbul Güneşli with more than 1000 professional staff and high technology production machines.

We follow world trends closely with our comprehensive R&D studies and design approach, and we implement designs that are ahead of trends for our customers. We take an active role in the accessory, fabric, construction and energy sectors in which our group companies operate, especially in textile sector.

Malatya Production Factory, which was started to be built last year as Merkoteks, has been put into service this year. We have now added our Malatya factory to our journey that started in 1968.

With our Malatya facility where we produce in a total closed area of 10,000m2, we have reached the capacity to produce 500,000,000 per month. With this investment, we aim to employ 500 people in our Malatya factory and to produce environmentally friendly solutions that are suitable for innovations and developing technology.

We would like to thank all our business partners and employees who contributed to the formation of this facility.

Our Mission

By following the latest technologies in the world, we have an active role in the sector with the professional human resources we have, the quality understanding that adopts customer satisfaction and the marketing solutions we produce.

Our Vision

While providing high quality services, we act with the vision of being a strong, respectable and indispensable institution that adopts national and international sustainable management and protection approach.