Best Sustainable Denim Jeans

Navigating the frontier of denim brands can be overwhelming especially when every season fashion editors and influencers profess which styles to covet and the denim “Don’ts” we’re told to discard. This proliferation of endless trends is intended to keep us rifling through our closets, tossing out last year’s kick flare for this year’s stovepipe. It’s also one of the reasons that the global denim market boasts more than $66 billion in annual sales; mainstream brands are capitalizing on a heavily marketed message that it’s quantity over quality. Of course the global adoption of more denim is also due to the fact that denim jeans are incredibly versatile, available in nearly any size, style and price point and with formal business attire a thing of the past, an everyday wear. Still, this turnover of new styles is antithetical to the fundamental nature of jeans: a workhouse clothing staple that when designed thoughtfully, should last longer than any fad. Despite a culture of mass consumption in the fashion world, there’s a growing crew of shoppers choosing to shop with intention, embracing the tenets of slow fashion: quality garments designed to last that support a sustainable supply chain and fair manufacturing. These discerning shoppers want to buy from brands that share these same values but they also aren’t willing to sacrifice style; this is a slow fashion movement after all.

When we founded Merkoteks, it was with the intention of bringing timeless denim styles to market using sustainable materials, ethical production and a transparent supply chain. Our classic cuts don’t go out of style and we source quality denim that wears well over time. We also choose to limit our production to just a few styles to focus on fewer, better pieces and reduce surplus inventory so we aren’t contributing to a wasteful industry. That also means we might not have all the styles you’re looking for. Because we believe in promoting like-minded designers and sharing the love, we’ve rounded up a list of our fave denim lines– including ours, cuz we’re proud of what we do– so you can support sustainability and ethical manufacturing whether it’s theirs or ours.

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