Merkoteks Evolution

Polaris, otherwise known as the North Star, was used for millennia to guide travelers to their destination; the brightest light in the night sky that could tell you not just where you are but where to go. We might rely on GPS to tell us where to turn now, but we all have our own North Star, an internal compass that guides us and reminds us of what’s important. Merkoteks, our North Star is based on our values: quality, sustainable, refined. We want you to feel as good about what you’re buying as you do when you’re wearing it. That’s why we design apparel that’s meant to last and fit in seamlessly with our modern lives. But we also recognize that our modern lives are growing more complicated and in turn, a lot of us are looking for ways to streamline however we can. As we contemplated our North Star we wondered, how can we simplify the act of getting dressed? The answer was to grow our line and offer more options to round out your wardrobe. Yep, we’re talking denim-on-denim love in with shirts and jackets. Plus, a capsule line of knits for the days when you want to relax and let it all hang out, in style of course.

Don’t worry, our denim jeans will always be in the mix– after all, we believe the foundation of a stylish and functional wardrobe is denim. To make denim earn its keep, it has to fit as good as it looks. We spent the last year perfecting our cuts and making sure that every feature was thoroughly considered. Have you ever noticed where the side seam on your jeans is placed? We have; and we moved it just a smidge to create the right line. Same for our belt loops, the length of the fly and where the pockets lay. You may not notice the details but they add up to a premium fit. We like to think that we’re taking something good and making it, well, better. In addition to our line of men’s jeans, we’re in the process of perfecting some women’s styles in high-rise, slim-fit and with the same attention to detail.

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